Developing exceptional digital innovations is at the heart of what Inte do.

We are an international company who provide a diversified suite of proprietary products and services to align online wholesale and retail clients.

Adding more to your business.


We build strong relationships with our clients and are always on the look out for like-minded partners and new opportunities.


Inte will take your project to the next level, helping you to scope, refine and evolve your vision with the guidance of our dedicated teams.


Supported by our 150-strong team across Australia, India and Nepal, we have the resources and expertise to provide design and development of the highest calibre.


Inte doesn’t just do code! We educate and guide our clients through each project stage and help you to bring together all the elements you need to go to market.


Inte are with you from the first meeting, and as you progress through your strategy. We will work with you long after your application or platform goes live.


Our team is dedicated to always improving the customer experience. From new revenue ideas to first-to-market sales techniques and digital capabilities all in the aim to grow your business.

Where digital innovation and enterprise meet

Passionate, experienced and dedicated, Inte adds value, provides positive disruption and aims to exceed expectation.

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Inte’s experienced team and affiliates work in close collaboration with each of our clients and partners to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

Interact and sell - anywhere

Inte is your one-stop-shop for all your digital solutions and needs. Offering a cohesive e-commerce platform for businesses and franchises of all shapes and sizes. Find out more

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